Heifer International 077

What is a travel club? A travel club is a group of people who love to travel, get great deals on fantastic trips, and connect with others who share the same interests! Don’t worry-no club dues or required meetings–just the opportunity to sign up for trips across the world at group travel rates.

What is the Seven Seas Travel Society? Created by a mother and her two daughters with a serious case of wanderlust, the Seven Seas Travel Society is a club for anyone who loves to travel, specifically to destinations involving water–lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, you name it! We partner with well-respected tour operators and travel professionals from around the world to make our trips unforgettable!

Who can join? Anyone! Families, singles, young professionals, retirees, couples, college students, groups, etc. are all welcome to join the Seven Seas Travel Society. Just click here to sign up to receive email updates about our upcoming trips (we will never share or sell your contact info.)

What will the schedule look like? The schedule for each trip is unique, but will include a balance of scheduled activities with free time. A detailed itinerary will be provided for each trip prior to sign up.

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