The Club
The Seven Seas Travel Society is a club specifically designed for those who love water – from rivers to oceans, canoes to cruise ships, and houseboats to seaside resorts. Several times a year, we’ll be organizing fantastic vacations to destinations all over the world! How do you join? Just ask! You’ll be added to our member list, which will allow you to receive updates and information about our group trips. Send us an email at travelthesevenseas@gmail.com.

The Organizers

189544_10100263387995780_1514839450_n Raised overseas by missionary parents, Barb Romkema learned early to value the variety and beauty of the world. Her travels have included the Middle East, Europe, Sudan, and Turkey as well as many areas of the United States. Her multicultural childhood has given her a lifelong love of new experiences, adventures, languages, and peoples. She looks forward to exploring even more of the world with her daughters and fellow members of the Seven Seas Travel Society!

368_557896205010_4948_nErica Romkema is curious about most things cultural, agricultural, and ecological. Her willingness to try new things has brought her to many jobs in many locations, but she is happy to call the Piedmont area of North Carolina her current (and hopefully long-term) home. You’ll find her composing stories, hanging out with horses, climbing rocks, digging in the garden, and tramping through meadow and wood with her faithful golden retriever.


Elena Ballam is Midwest born, East coast educated, and a Southeast resident (specifically Cary, North Carolina). A true adventurous spirit, Elena particularly loves all things water-related—kayaking and paddleboarding, surfing and boogie boarding, boating and fabulous views. After one scuba diving experience, she was hooked, and hopes to get scuba certified sometime in the near future. Elena enjoys exploring, eating well, good conversation, an active lifestyle, and meeting new friends.

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